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All work. All play.

We develop their skills. They have a blast.

Jonah's Treehouse helps your baby, toddler or preschooler reach his or her full potential and have a great time while they're at it. Our program was designed by professional childhood educators. And movement consultants helped us create the various "stations" consisting of obstacle courses and play equipment. Each dynamic class and activity has been carefully constructed to stimulate little brains as well as little bodies, using color, rhythm, texture and improvisation. Jonah's is also a place where kids can be kids. They can let loose, laugh and play like nobody's business.

No two species are alike.

Classes are broken out by age and developmental level. Children progress from Koalas to Lions, passing through Giraffes, Zebras and Elephants along the way. We do this because children, like animals, are unique creatures and progress at different rates. One child may need to concentrate on crawling, jumping and climbing, while another is ready to master the balance beam, rope ladder, or trapeze. The goals are to:

These kinds of talents and abilities will not only help them right now, but for the rest of their lives.